Suzie Cyrenne: Does Homeopathy Work For Dogs? | E31
The Pet Care ReportApril 19, 2024
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Suzie Cyrenne: Does Homeopathy Work For Dogs? | E31

In this Pet Care Report episode, host Alora Mckinley talks with Suzie Cyrenne, certified homeopath and co-founder of Zumalka, about homeopathy for dogs. They discuss how it offers personalized treatments based on a dog’s specific symptoms and behavior, uses gentle remedies safe for all ages, and provides a holistic approach to improve overall health and behavior.

Show Notes:

(00:03:21) Learn the crucial role of observing symptoms in homeopathic treatment for dogs and how it leads to personalized care.

(00:05:12) Uncover the surprising ways to administer homeopathic remedies to even the pickiest dogs.

(00:08:12) Find out how to navigate the overwhelming world of homeopathic remedies and choose the perfect one for your dog.

(00:11:32) Discover the essential resources to help you become a homeopathic detective for your dog's health.

(00:13:42) Learn the secrets to identifying high-quality and reliable homeopathic products for your furry friend.

(00:18:32) Explore the best ways for vets and homeopaths to create a harmonious blend of approaches for your dog's wellness.

(00:21:02) Discover the must-have homeopathic remedies to keep in your cupboard for common dog health issues and emergencies.

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