Sarah Rodriguez: Transform Your Dog's Behavior with Shaping | E29
The Pet Care ReportMarch 30, 2024
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Sarah Rodriguez: Transform Your Dog's Behavior with Shaping | E29

In this Pet Care Report episode, Melissa Viera talks with Sarah Rodriguez about shaping, a dog training method that uses easy steps to help dogs learn independently, leading to better training results. Sarah, who has over 20 years of experience and started Homeschooled Hound, shares how shaping allows dogs and their owners to communicate better, boosts dogs' confidence, and makes training easier for everyone.

Show Notes:

(00:00:00) Discover the art of shaping in dog training and how it can transform your pet's behavior and your relationship with them.

(00:02:15) Learn about Sarah Rodriguez's unique approach to training shelter animals and her Homeschooled Hound venture to connect pets and owners.

(00:05:30) Find out how shaping can prevent dogs from "mugging the treat bag" and encourage polite behavior instead.

(00:08:45) Hear about the versatility of shaping and how it can be used to train not just dogs but other animals like birds.

(00:12:10) Discover the game-like nature of shaping and how it keeps the dog and trainer engaged and interested.

(00:19:40) Learn how shaping can be used for cooperative care, turning dreaded tasks like eye drops into a fun game for your pet.

(00:24:25) Get inspired by how shaping can transform a dog's aversion to play into a joyful fetch game.

(00:28:50) Explore the role of the trainer in shaping and how it hones their timing and creative thinking skills.

(00:32:35) Debunk the myth that shaping is only for advanced trainers and discover how anyone can start shaping with their dog today.

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