Julie-Anne Thorne: How to Help My Cat Feel Safe | E34
The Pet Care ReportMay 31, 2024
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Julie-Anne Thorne: How to Help My Cat Feel Safe | E34

This week on the Pet Care Report podcast, host Dr. Meghan Barrett is joined by holistic cat therapist Julie Anne Thorne. They dive deep into the critical nature of safety and security for cats and how understanding these needs can improve a cat's overall well-being. Thorne sheds light on how cats define their territory through scent and the importance of catering to their emotional needs. She also provides practical tips on using color therapy, herbs, and environmental adjustments to help cats feel secure and thrive.

Show Notes:

(00:00:00) Discover the surprising impact of feeling unsafe on a cat's mental and physical health.

(00:07:00) A safe space for your cat and why it's crucial for their well-being.

(00:11:00) Uncover the subtle signs that your cat may feel anxious or stressed.

(00:15:00) Understand how your cat's personal space bubble can change depending on their mood and the time of day.

(00:20:00) The unexpected consequences of being home too much with your cat during lockdown.

(00:24:00) Why getting a second cat may not always be the best solution for your cat's emotional needs.

(00:28:00) Find out how to use herbs and color therapy to support your cat's emotional health during times of stress.

(00:32:00) Discover how to identify your cat's unique tendencies and create a safe space tailored to their needs.

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