Julie-Anne Thorne: A simple energy healing technique for Cats | E15
The Pet Care ReportNovember 17, 2023
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Julie-Anne Thorne: A simple energy healing technique for Cats | E15

Episode Description:

This week on the Pet Care Report podcast, host Dr. Meghan Barrett is joined by holistic cat therapist Julie Anne Thorne to delve into the intriguing world of feline energy and chakras. They explore how environmental factors affect a cat's well-being and energy balance. Julie Anne offers practical advice for enhancing the wellness of indoor and multi-cat households through understanding and harmonizing a cat's energy centers.

Show Notes:

[00:01:53] Overview of Color Therapy

[00:03:26] Importance of Color Choice in Cat Environments

[00:06:29] Practical Tips for Introducing Color Therapy

[00:09:24] Specific Colors for Emotional States

[00:12:11] Benefits of Balanced Cat Chakras

[00:14:07] Holistic Energy Concepts in Cat Care

[00:18:38] Physical Symptoms and Energy Blockages

[00:22:33] Highlights from "Cat Chakras" Book

[00:25:09] Key Tips for Cat Guardians

[00:26:55] Where to Find More Information

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