Jordan Lindner: Avoid These 5 Costly Puppy Mistakes | E32
The Pet Care ReportMay 05, 2024
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Jordan Lindner: Avoid These 5 Costly Puppy Mistakes | E32

In this episode of Pet Care Report, host Melissa Viera welcomes Jordan Lindner, owner of Puppy Matters Co. in South Australia. Jordan discusses new puppy owners' top mistakes and shares essential tips on raising puppies effectively.

Show Notes:

(00:04:50) Uncover the five most common mistakes people make with their new puppies and how Jordan helps prevent them.

(00:06:10) Understand why focusing on a puppy's feelings is more important than teaching obedience cues in the early stages.

(00:08:40) Discover the secret to helping puppies behave positively in various areas of their life.

(00:11:00) Learn the top two high-value treats Jordan recommends for training puppies in high-distraction environments.

(00:13:20) Find out how to create a cycle of positive attention-seeking behavior in puppies and avoid negative attention-seeking.

(00:16:00) Understand why exposure is crucial for puppies and how it leads to remarkable behavior changes.

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