Dr.Ian Dunbar: Foundations Of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training | E26
The Pet Care ReportMarch 08, 2024
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Dr.Ian Dunbar: Foundations Of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training | E26

In this episode of the Pet Care Report podcast, Melissa Viera interviews Dr. Ian Dunbar about his book Barking Up the Right Tree. Dunbar discusses lure reward training and its benefits over aversive methods. He highlights the use of real-life rewards and effective communication to enhance the bond between dogs and their owners, alongside the importance of early socialization and understanding a puppy's pedigree.


(00:00) Introduction to Lure Reward Training

(01:29) Understanding the Basics of Lure Reward Training

(06:28) The Power of Verbal Guidance in Dog Training

(08:08) Explaining the Lure and Reward in Dog Training

(18:43) The Role of Games in Dog Training

(29:27) The Power of Praise in Dog Training

(31:33) The Importance of Tricks in Training

(33:29) The Role of the Lure Reward Method in Quick Training

(36:08) The Importance of Response Reliability in Training

(40:21) The Impact of Lure Reward Training on Dog Behavior

(56:34) The Importance of Socializing Puppies

(58:43) Conclusion: The Importance of Comprehensive Dog Training

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