Dr. Rachel Geller: Strange Cat Behaviors Explained | E18
The Pet Care ReportDecember 08, 2023
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Dr. Rachel Geller: Strange Cat Behaviors Explained | E18

In this episode, we have a fascinating interview with Dr. Rachel Geller, an expert in cat behavior. Dr. Geller shares invaluable insights into understanding and communicating with our feline companions, covering cat body language, interactive play, and common behavioral issues. She also discusses her passion for cat adoption and her mission to prevent cat abandonment.

Show Notes:

00:00: Discussion on cat behavior and communication, addressing common puzzling behaviors.

05:43: Enhance your cat's happiness and reduce anxiety by engaging with them using hunting toys.

08:12: Learn to recognize your cat's signals to prevent overstimulation and potential biting.

12:47: Create vertical spaces for your cats using existing furniture and shelves without the need for expensive items.

14:37: Understand that cat behavior issues such as scratching and litter box problems can often be traced back to human mistakes.

19:13: Foster cat play through short, rewarding sessions with treats as encouragement.

23:09: Discover how playtime with cats reduces stress, curbs territorial behavior, and can effectively redirect aggression. In severe cases, a complete reintroduction may be necessary.

25:38: Explore how cats utilize their ears and tails to convey their emotions and intentions.

27:36: Promote interactive play with fishing/wand toys while avoiding the use of laser pointers for cats.

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