Dr. Emily Stein: Cracking the Code on Cat Dental Health | E9
The Pet Care ReportOctober 06, 2023
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Dr. Emily Stein: Cracking the Code on Cat Dental Health | E9

In this week’s Natural Cat Health podcast episode, our host, Dr. Meghan Barrett, talks with Dr. Emily Stein about the oral microbiome and why it's crucial for a cat's dental and overall health. Dr. Stein explains how oral cavity inflammation contributes to dental diseases in cats and shares actionable steps that cat owners can take to manage or prevent dental disease in their pets.

Show Notes:

(00:00:21) Introduction of Dr. Emily Stein

(00:01:13) The Oral Microbiome of Cats

(00:05:25) How To Improve The Oral Health of Cats

(00:06:50) Tips on Preparing Water For Cats

(00:08:03) Why You Should Lessen Dry Food for Cats

(00:09:11) Probiotics For Cats

(00:12:13) How Oral Cavity Inflammation Contributes to Cat Dental Diseases

(00:18:58) Why Some Cats Are Addicted to Corn and Corn-Based Food

(00:19:59) Other Tips to Prevent Oral Diseases in Cats

(00:21:13) Where To Find Dr. Stein's Probiotics

(00:26:04) How to Learn More From Dr. Stein

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