Dr. Christinea Chambreau: How to Detect Early Health Warning Signs in Your Cat | E6
The Pet Care ReportSeptember 15, 2023
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Dr. Christinea Chambreau: How to Detect Early Health Warning Signs in Your Cat | E6

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In this week’s Natural Cat Health podcast episode, our host, Dr. Meghan Barrett, talks with Dr. Christina Chambreau, a holistic veterinarian, about building vitality and maintaining balance in cats. She discusses the signs of a cat that has an unbalanced energy field. Finally, she shares many energy healing techniques like reiki, earthing, and more.

Show Notes:

(00:01:37) Strategies For Building Vitality and Maintaining Balance in Cats

(00:13:32) Holistic Actions For Healthy Pets Academy

(00:21:50) Signs of Unbalanced Energy Field in Cats

(00:26:05) Energy Healing Medicine

(00:27:27) Emotional Freedom Technique

(00:29:59) Reiki

(00:32:51) Earthing or Grounding

(00:33:48) The Best Diet For Cats

(00:35:29) ‘BEAM’ and Vaccines

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