Dr. Amaya Espindola: What You Should Be Feeding Your Cat | E12
The Pet Care ReportOctober 27, 2023
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Dr. Amaya Espindola: What You Should Be Feeding Your Cat | E12

In today's episode, Host Dr. Meghan Barrett welcomes the multi-talented Dr. Amaya Espindola. Dr. Espindola specializes in feline behavior and aims to transform our understanding of cat well-being through their natural wild instincts. We'll discuss various topics, including dietary needs, feeding emotional aspects, and voice modulation's therapeutic role. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that will deepen your understanding of cat health and enrich your daily life. 

Show Notes:

[00:02:16] Importance of Fat and Protein Over Carbs for Carnivores 

[00:03:10] High-Protein, High-Fat Diets for Cats 

[00:09:04] Exercise Caution with Liver to Balance Pet Nutrition 

[00:10:05] Common Mistakes in Transitioning Cat Food Energy Levels 

[00:16:20] Assessing Cat Adaptability and Using Toy Meals 

[00:19:08] Nutritional Needs for Young and Older Pets: Focus on Fats and Omegas [00:23:10] Enhancing Food Quality Through Soil and Animal Care 

[00:25:09] Using Taurine and Flaxseed for Cat Safety 

[00:33:04] Cat Owner Tips: Addressing Food Addiction and Feeding Routines 

[00:34:51] Other Resources from Dr. Amaya Espindola


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