Brad Clinthorne: How to Transition Your Dog To Raw Food Diet Safely | E25
The Pet Care ReportMarch 03, 2024
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Brad Clinthorne: How to Transition Your Dog To Raw Food Diet Safely | E25

In this episode of The Pet Care Report, Alora McKinley is joined by Brad Clinthorne from Steve’s Real Food. Brad is an animal lover, nutrition enthusiast, and expert in raw food diets for pets. They dive into the principles of a raw food diet and address the common misconceptions and concerns that pet owners have when transitioning their dogs to a raw food diet.

Show Notes:

(00:00:00) - Discover why loose stools during the transition to a raw food diet are normal,

(00:02:00) - Uncover the misconceptions and concerns that hold pet owners back from starting a raw food diet for their dogs.

(00:04:00) - Learn about the safety measures and precautions to ensure the bacteria in raw food is not a concern for your pet's health.

(00:09:00) - Explore the different components of a raw food diet, including meat, organ, bone, and fresh produce.

(00:11:00) - Understand the importance of balancing your dog's raw food diet and how to ensure they are getting the right nutrients.

(00:14:00) - Discover why dogs don't need carbohydrates and how to choose low-carb options for your pet.

(00:16:00) - Learn how to determine the right amount of raw food to feed your dog based on their body weight and activity level.

(00:20:00) - Understand why your dog may drink less water when on a raw food diet and how their hydration needs are met through their food.

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