Teoti Anderson: Essential First Steps with Your New Puppy | E11
The Pet Care ReportOctober 20, 2023
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Teoti Anderson: Essential First Steps with Your New Puppy | E11

Episode Description:

In this week's Dog Training episode, Melissa Viera chats with renowned dog trainer and author Teoti Anderson about pivotal puppy socialization. Anderson clarifies misconceptions about effective socialization and offers guidance on nurturing puppies during their vital developmental phases.

Show Notes

(00:04:11) Tips to Create Positive Experiences For Puppies

(00:08:33) Signs That a Puppy Had Enough Socialization For The Day

(00:13:08) Importance of Understanding Your Dog's Breed

(00:17:05) Recommendations For Obstacle Courses at Home

(00:20:38) Grooming as Part of Socialization

(00:24:18) Tips For Tooth Brushing, etc.

(00:25:38) More Tips For Socialization

(00:29:48) How to Get in Touch With Teoti Anderson

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