Susan Groenveld: How is AI Redefining Pet Healthcare Standards | E37
The Pet Care ReportJune 21, 2024
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Susan Groenveld: How is AI Redefining Pet Healthcare Standards | E37

In this episode of the Pet Care Report, Dr. Megan Barrett interviews Susan Groeneveld, a serial entrepreneur merging technology with animal care. They discuss the groundbreaking application of AI in detecting pain in cats and its potential to revolutionize feline healthcare. Susan explains how AI offers a non-invasive way to monitor feline health, improving veterinary care and treatment outcomes while also exploring the future implications of AI in enhancing animal well-being.

Show Notes:

(00:03:21) Uncover the surprising reason why veterinarians may not enjoy seeing cats as much as dogs during appointments.

(00:04:45) Learn about the groundbreaking AI tool that can accurately assess a cat's pain level through facial recognition.

(00:07:02) Find out how this innovative technology is helping cat owners and veterinarians collaborate for better feline care.

(00:09:15) Explore the challenges of using AI in pet care and how it differs from traditional medicine.

(00:12:02) Understand why cats are the perfect candidates for grimace scale technology compared to other domesticated animals.

(00:17:45) Learn about the potential of AI to help with the growing shortage of veterinarians and the increasing demand for pet care.

(00:23:40) Uncover a startling statistic about cats who are euthanized without receiving proper veterinary care in their final year of life.

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