Ness Jones: How To Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety | EP5
The Pet Care ReportSeptember 07, 2023
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Ness Jones: How To Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety | EP5

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In this Dog Training podcast episode, our host, Melissa Viera, talks with Ness Jones about separation anxiety in dogs, a qualified canine nutritionist and small animal naturopath. She shares the importance of understanding a dog's threshold and observing its body language to identify signs of stress or panic. Ness also provides valuable insights and practical tips for managing and overcoming separation anxiety in dogs, emphasizing the benefits of exercise, enrichment, and a supportive training approach.

Show Notes:

(00:03:57) Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

(00:05:23) Importance of Understanding Your Dog's Body Language

(00:08:16) How to Prevent Separation Anxiety

(00:10:26) Tips for Leaving Your Dog at Home

(00:15:06) Separation Anxiety Involving Other Dogs

(00:17:02) Ness Jones's Holistic Approach

(00:19:09) Advice For Dog Owners

(00:23:45) Dealing With Separation Anxiety Relapse

(00:26:53) Enrichment Activities For Dogs

(00:30:35) Final tips from Ness Jones

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