Judy Moore: My Dog Has Bitten Someone. What Now? | E36
The Pet Care ReportJune 14, 2024
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Judy Moore: My Dog Has Bitten Someone. What Now? | E36

In this episode, our Dog Training host Melissa Viera is joined by guest Judy Moore, a Portland, Maine, resident who has dedicated her life to humane training for difficult dogs. Get ready to learn what to do if your dog bites someone and how to prevent it from happening.

Show Notes:

(00:04:21) Uncover the surprising factors contributing to a dog's likelihood of biting, even days before the incident occurs.

(00:07:12) Learn the most effective strategies for preventing dog bites

(00:09:03) Find out why every dog should be desensitized to a muzzle and how to properly condition them to wear one comfortably.

(00:12:36) Understand the true meaning of a dog's sociability and how it differs from what most people believe.

(00:16:01) Discover how to build a shy or insecure dog's confidence using a gentle, step-by-step approach.

(00:19:45) Recognize the subtle signs that indicate a dog is uncomfortable

(00:23:14) Witness the rewarding process of helping a fearful dog gain confidence and trust through incremental training.

(00:26:03) Learn the importance of a detailed bite risk assessment and how it can help you understand why your dog bit someone.

(00:29:15) Find out where to access valuable resources and information to help you navigate a challenging dog bite situation.

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