Introducing The Pet Care Report: Meet your hosts
The Pet Care ReportAugust 21, 202300:08:598.23 MB

Introducing The Pet Care Report: Meet your hosts

Welcome to 'The Pet Care Report' by Pet Summits, where we're celebrating the launch of a podcast dedicated to all things pet care! Whether you're a new pet owner needing guidance, an experienced handler, or a veterinarian looking for advanced tips, we've got you covered. Our podcast provides the insights and advice you need to give your pet the best possible care.

As we start this exciting journey together, we thought it would be great to dedicate our first episode to introductions. We believe connecting with the person giving you advice is important, so today, you'll meet the team guiding you through the complex but wonderfully rewarding world of pet care.

Join our hosts:

  • Melissa Viera, our Dog Training expert, shares her insights on building positive relationships between dogs and their owners.

  • Dr. Meghan Barrett, an integrative veterinarian focusing on Cat Health, offers her a deep understanding of traditional and alternative veterinary practices.

  • Alora Mckinley, our specialist in Dog Health, with a medical background and a canine nutrition certificate, dedicates her unique blend of experience and knowledge to helping dogs live their healthiest lives.

Together, they share their personal journeys into the pet industry and their visions for the show. Discover their passion, their expertise, and how they plan to help you and your pets thrive.

Tune in for an engaging conversation, get to know Melissa, Meghan, and Alora, and participate in our virtual launch party as we embark on this adventure together. With 'The Pet Care Report,' you're not just a listener; you're part of a community of pet enthusiasts committed to learning, growing, and enjoying the company of our beloved furry friends.

Subscribe and join us for this special episode, and let's unleash a new era of pet care excellence!

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Dog Training Host: Melissa Viera

Cat Health Host: Dr. Meghan Barrett

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